ChangeViz™ is a powerful tool that enables you to visualise, align, prioritise and more effectively implement your portfolio of change.



  • Are you able to visualise your total change portfolio? Mitigate change saturation risk in your organisation. ChangeViz allows you to visualise your total change portfolio and available capacity. From your strategic business imperatives to your locally initiated changes to your regular rhythm of business activities and events.
  • Is your investment in change aligned with your strategic priorities?Assess the extent that your mix of change initiatives is aligned with your organisation's strategy.
  • Is your portfolio of change prioritised to ensure enough capacity for strategic imperatives? Our application gives you the ability to make important, ongoing prioritisation decisions to ensure enough available capacity for your business critical initiatives.
  • Are you able to implement your change portfolio in a way that won’t overwhelm your organisation? Make informed and decisive decisions on deployment, strategic priorities and timing by leveraging real-time, accurate, enterprise-wide change initiative insight and awareness.



Gain vital insight into your total change portfolio. Have clear visibility of the volume, complexity, impact and capacity for change across the entire enterprise.


Prioritise your change portfolio to ensure enough capacity for strategic imperatives and minimize disruption to your Business As Usual (BAU) rhythm.


Ensure alignment between your change portfolio and strategic objectives.


Make informed decisions about strategic priorities, demand, capacity and timing by leveraging greater change insight and awareness.


For Executives ​
  • Increased visibility of change across the organisation.
  • View of change saturation and change risk for their organisations.
  • Understanding of available capacity to implement strategic initiatives.
  • Visibility into projects that are high risk for their organisation.
  • Ensure investment in change is aligned with strategic objectives.
  • Better prioritisation to ensure strategic imperatives are delivered.
  • Improved decision making ability and speed.
  • Strategic imperatives deliver intended benefits.
For Middle & Front-Line leaders
  • Better prioritisation to ensure both organisational and business unit imperatives are delivered.
  • Better prioritisation. More focus, less fatigue, better outcomes.
  • Visibility of blackout periods ensures changes don’t overwhelm teams impacting their ability to deliver BAU.
  • Time and sequence initiatives for optimal business unit readiness.
  • Actively engaged in managing the change demand placed on their teams.
  • View of change saturation and change risk for their teams.
  • Ability to include business unit specific changes.
  • Visibility into timing and impact of initiatives.
  • Minimise impact on regular business events.
For Change Practitioners
  • Increased productivity achieved through less time spent on spreadsheets.
  • Reduce collision risks through greater visibility into timing and impact of other initiatives.
  • Visibility of black-out periods by stakeholder group for better, smoother implementation.
  • View of change saturation and change risk across the organisation.
  • Manage change saturation risks through improved prioritisation and co-ordinated implementation planning.
  • View of available capacity for impacted stakeholder groups.
  • Visibility of change impact by project by stakeholder group.
  • Improved prioritisation. Getting focused on what matters.
  • Greater alignment with strategic imperatives.
  • Greater motivation achieved through a sense of accomplishment.